Head Gasket Repair at Subaru of Portland

 Head Gasket Repair at Subaru of Portland

If you find that your Subaru needs head gasket repair, be sure to come to our service team here at Subaru of Portland for expert service. Head gasket repairs are major engine services that require the care of a highly-trained Subaru technician like the ones here at our dealership, so you should only trust certified Subaru service professionals like the ones one our team to perform this delicate procedure.

Why choose Subaru of Portland for your head gasket repair needs? We only use genuine Subaru parts in our repairs to help ensure reliability and peak performance. Our Subaru technicians are also specifically trained to work on Subaru engines, and they're constantly kept apprised of any changes to repair techniques or procedures by Subaru so that our team can deliver the most successful repairs.

We Buy Used Cars Paid for or not.

Top Dollar Paid!

Even if they need a Head Gasket Repair.

Head Gasket Repair Procedure

So, what does this complicated repair entail? Head gasket repair requires a long list of steps that require expert skill, attention to detail, and all the right tools and components. Fortunately, our service center is well-equipped with everything our Subaru pros need to get the job done.

Here's what goes into head gasket repair here at our service center:

  • Removal of front engine cover and timing belt (a new belt is installed during reassembly)
  • Inspection of the water pump, idlers, timing belt tensioner, and other related components for condition (if there is any sign replacement is warranted, we'll notify you right away as this could cut down on future expense)
  • Remove and inspect intake and fuel components
  • Remove valve covers (new gaskets and seals are installed during reassembly)
  • Remove cylinder head assemblies
  • Measure cylinder head surface to ensure no warpage beyond factory specification (.0014")
  • Inspect valve train components for proper operation
  • Check cylinder block deck for warpage to make sure it isn't below factory specification (.0014")
  • Clean all surfaces using extreme care following Subaru procedures
  • Reassemble engine with new gaskets and seals
  • Quality control test drive after completion of repair
  • All work includes a 12-month, unlimited mile warranty (contact our team at Subaru of Portland for details)

If you have any questions about scheduling head gasket repair at Subaru of Portland, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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