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Winter is approaching quickly and it's time to ask yourself, is your vehicle ready to take on winter weather? At Subaru of Portland, we specialize in winterizing your vehicle to ensure that it's ready to traverse even the worst winter weather. From snow and ice to the salt on the roads, we're here to help you confidently take on the elements with complete confidence. Whether you need to get your winter tires on or you need to make sure that you aren't stuck on the side of the road with unforgiving issues, we welcome you to schedule an appointment and get your vehicle ready for winter at our service center today.

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Winter Tires

Even with an all-wheel drive vehicle like your Subaru model, having the proper winter tires is the best way to take on winter weather with confidence. While your summer or all-season tires are designed to accommodate your experience behind the wheel with the utmost traction, handling and control, winter tires are designed with grooves and rivets to funnel snow, ice and rain out and keep your tires connected to the road at all times. We encourage Portland, OR and Scappoose drivers to schedule an appointment or come see us in our service center to have their winter tires equipped before the winter weather arrives to drive with peace of mind at all times. If you need new winter tires, we can find you the ideal match in our tire center to help you take on even the worst winter weather around Warren, OR with complete confidence.

Brake Repairs

Your brakes are one of the most important components on your vehicle, not only ensuring your safety but that of everyone else on the road. In winter weather, you have to anticipate other vehicles on the road and apply your brakes earlier than you normally would. Your brake pads are usually the first part of your brake system to require replacement because they are the first point of contact between your tires and the system. When you wait too long to replace your brake pads it can then affect your rotors, drums and calipers, causing you to have to pay for costly repairs to the entire braking system. Instead, we encourage you to have your brakes inspected and address the problem at the earliest stage. Our technicians have the experience, tools and genuine parts to get your braking system back to like new condition so you can take on winter weather around Portland knowing that your vehicle is properly equipped to stop properly when you need it to.

Fluid Replacement

The cold weather can severely affect the multitude of fluids in your vehicle. Between your motor oil, power steering fluid, coolant, and more, there are a number of fluids that are responsible for the proper performance of your vehicle. That's why we encourage Portland area drivers to come have their fluids flushed and replaced before the cold weather hits to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped for the weather ahead. If you have low levels of motor oil, your engine can incur damage, while improper levels of coolant can cause your vehicle to be imobile when you need it most. Instead of being stuck at home when you need to be at work, we invite you to have your fluids flushed in the quickest and most convenient manner possible today.

Schedule a Service Appointment Today

We invite drivers from all over Portland and the surrounding Scappoose and Warren areas to schedule an appointment online or come see us in our service center today to have their vehicles serviced and ready to take on winter today. Our experienced technicians have the tools, experience and parts to get your vehicle back to like new condition and ready to take on the many miles ahead of you in the quickest, most convenient manner possible. While you're here, we welcome you to check out our large selection of new Subaru models and explore your options. If it's time for an update, our financing experts are here to help walk you through all financing options and help you figure out the plan that best fits your lifestyle and needs with ease.

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