Why Lease from
Subaru of Portland?

If you're considering adding a new Subaru to your driveway, you have a few options available to you here at Subaru of Portland. Buying your next car is one option, but many drivers prefer to lease a new Subaru. Why? Leasing offers a variety of unique benefits and is typically less expensive than financing a new vehicle. So, if you're eager to learn more about leasing a new Subaru, we can walk you through the details!

How does a Subaru lease work?

Leasing a new Subaru is a popular option because it gives you the opportunity to save on monthly payments and enjoy more chances to drive new cars and the perks that come with them. Since you only pay for a car's depreciation during the lease term, you can enjoy lower monthly payments than you might make if you were to finance a vehicle. In other words, leasing a car allows you to enjoy more car for your money.

The trade-off is that you're expected to keep to your mileage limit and bring the vehicle back with normal wear and tear. You're responsible for taking care of excessive wear like dents or dings, making sure the car has everything it came with and tending to any other fees.


What are my lease-end options?

When your lease is up, you have a few routes to take. If you decide you love the car, you can choose to purchase it. You can also easily transition to another lease with another new Subaru! All you need to do is bring your leased Subaru to our dealership to take the next steps.

Even if you didn't lease your Subaru from our dealership, you can still bring your car to us at lease-end. In fact, if you leased your Subaru from another dealer, we'll give you a $100 Visa gift card when you turn your lease in at Subaru of Portland.

Learn more about leasing a new Subaru when you visit us at our dealership today!

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