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Beth Caswell
(503) 232-2000



Abraham Holmes
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1440

Anh Nguyen
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1432

Blake Moore
Suabru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1460

Chung Han
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1458

Geordan Rupp
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1441

Gregory Shafton
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1462

Hannah Mills
Trade-Up Advantage
(503) 736-1463

Jonathan Kendig
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1450

Larry Murphy
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1448

Larry, was born in Boston and raised in the Suburbs in a town called Braintree. He went off to college in upstate New York, in Troy overlooking the Hudson River, a student of engineering and philosophy. A few years later I moved to Huntington Beach, to live the So Cal lifestyle.

Moved to Portland Oregon about 30 years ago when Portland was a smaller city, been here ever since enjoying what the NW has to offer good wines, beer and scenic hikes.

Would enjoy helping you find the perfect vehicle for your exact needs and lifestyle.

Lee Stearns
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1438

Hey ya'll!


My name is Lee, a fairly recent transplant to Portland. I moved here from Virginia Beach where I managed a band, did event promotion, and owned a recording studio. I even met and worked with some nationally touring acts! Most recently, before I started in automotive consulting I was a territory manager for a firm that promoted products in big-box wholesale stores.


Originally from a sleepy town in Georgia, I've been in sales and consulting since high school (often compared by peers to "Hustler Kid" from the cartoon Recess).I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Marketing and a Master's of Arts in Human Resources. I enjoy working with people to achieve a goal, and taking the intimidation out of the purchase experience. It's not the "car business" it is the "people business" and I apply this approach with every client. Check out my Google and Yelp reviews on the Subaru of Portland pages! Its easy to tell how much enjoyment I get from working here. A smiling client is a great feeling, a referral client is the best feeling in the world!


When not in the office I am on a never ending quest to find the world's best chicken wings (send me suggestions!), love going to music festivals, or reading with a gin and tonic at arm's length.

Come down to Subaru of Portland and I guarantee you the Lee's Love promise!

Martha Cole
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1461

Robert Hills
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1445

Robert Hills was born and raised in Willamina Oregon.  He is married, has three children and enjoys bike riding, good movies and traveling with his family.  Robert has been selling cars for over 17 years and loves his job.  Matching his customer with exactly the vehicle they are looking for is the favorite part of his job.

Tyler Kimmett
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1446

Will Johnson
Subaru Product Specialist
(503) 736-1427

Will Johnson is a Portland native and a Subaru outdoor enthusiast. He has been selling Subarus in Portland for over 5 years now. He attended high school in Lake Oswego and majored in Communication at Oregon State University in 2010. Will has owned 3 Subarus in the past 15 years and specifically likes the Outbacks and Legacy models. He would love to help you find the right vehicle for your needs!



Allison Libby
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1480

Andrew Fabian
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1475

Barbara Hausman
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1472

Charlie Clark
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1472

Chuck Hanscom
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1478

Deseo Perez
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1469

John Sayler
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1468

Kimberly Savage
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1474

Miles English
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1486

Spencer Stambaugh
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1477

Terik Winterbottom
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1470

Tony Sneath
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1467

Vaughn Craft
Service Advisor
(503) 736-1476



Brandon McMaster
Assistant Parts Department Manager

Brandon has been in the Parts profession for over 18 years (over 10 of those with Wentworth).  He is married with 2 kids (17 year old and 5 year old).

Brandon enjoys camping, ride quads and being with his family.


Body Shop

Monika Lal
Body Shop Production Coordinator
(503) 736-1187

Dorsey Nicholas
Body Shop Production Coordinator
(503) 736-1184



Chris Borquist
General Manager
(503) 736-1401

Chris was born and raised here; a true Portland native.  He attended Alameda Grade School, just a few blocks from Subaru of Portland on Fremont Street.  Chris lives and breathes the Subaru lifestyle; avid snow skier and pet lover.  Never a dull moment at his farm, between Oregon City and Mulino, thanks to the dogs, goats, and cats.  His wife Traci is a master candle crafter, selling her work during the holidays at Christmas in the Garden in Silverton. Chris has been at the same location with Subaru for 17 years.  As General Manager of Subaru of Portland his office door is always open to any customer or employee

Mitch Tandeske
General Sales Manager
(503) 736-1425

Ted Schreiber
Sales Manager
(503) 736-1430

Will Watchman
Sales Manager
(503) 736-1421

Christopher McKnight
Service Manager
(503) 736-1490

Samuel Enriquez Verdugo
Get Ready Department Manager
(503) 736-1191

Jared Remily
Finance Manager
(503) 736-1417

I've worked for Subaru for over 17 years and I truly love helping people with their purchase and finance experience!


Outside of work I'm recently engaged... Yay! Our family consists of a dog and a cat so far. Our dog is an Australian Labradoodle (Ignotus Peverell) and our cat is a Siberian (Luna Lovegood) Yes we are huge Harry Potter fans!


I come from a family of 5 kids, of which I am the youngest. We currently live, and have lived in Portland for almost 40 years.


I'm a fanatical Green Bay Packers fan and I absolutely LOVE the Portland food scene.

Jay Serhan
Finance Manager
(503) 736-1416

Justin Snodgrass
Finance Manager
(503) 736-1415

Ron Lewis
Finance Manager
(503) 736-1410